We are a small farm/breeder of high quality Toy and Mini Australian Shepherds, Aussiedoodles, Frozen Aussiedoodles, and Smooth Coated Frozen Aussiedoodles (F1b Aussie).

We strive for 100% satisfaction, whether it be in the show ring, at a field trial, for emotional support/therapy, or as the best companion/family pet you have ever had the privilege of calling your own. 

Let us help you find the right fit for your needs and steal your heart away with one of our outstanding puppies!

Please be assured that your puppy will come socialized by myself, my fiance, and his son, Braxton, who has special needs. Braxton loves to hold and cuddle each and every puppy on the place (and most of the adults, too). He also helps with the socialization and everyday chores. The doctors have said that has Smith-Magenis syndrome, which has similar characteristics to autism, so this is excellent for him and the puppies thrive on it!

We genetically test all of our breeding stock to ensure we are offering you the best, healthiest puppies anywhere.

Microchipping (with lifetime registration included) is available for an appropriate additional fee. 

All dogs here at Sandy Hill Farm are fed Royal Canin feed and we highly recommend that your puppy stay on this feed for at least the first year and hopefully for life. The puppies are introduced to cats and larger dogs to aid in the transition to your home environment.

All puppies come litter trained to pine pellets to aid in your housetraining efforts.

We also include 24/7 customer support with every puppy. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a first time puppy owner, we are here for you! 

Unfortunately, my Brother passed away earlier last year but He is still here in spirit. I don’t have the heart to remove him from our page, and I still include him by saying “we or us” in conversation and correspondence. Thank you for understanding. He will always be a part of our program.