I Want A Puppy!

What do I need to do to get a puppy?

  • Submit an application.
  • Once approved, place your deposit via either PayPal or Zelle.
  • Review and complete your portion of the contract, initial, sign, and return.
  • Pick a puppy!
  • Wait until the puppy is big enough to go home. In the meantime, get your house ready for your new baby.
    • Purchase crate, water and food bowls that attach to crate, pine pellets, litter box, bed, brush/shedding blade, puppy shampoo, and toys (no stuffing is recommended).
    • Move cords and anything that can be chewed.
    • Create a space for the crate next to your bed.
  • Purchase your Royal Canin Puppy Food, NuVet vitamins, and Nutristat.
  • Once a pickup date is established, make your vet appointment for no more than 48 hours after pickup.
  • Pick up your baby and live happily ever after!