Hints and Tips

Potty Training: Our puppies come to you pine pellet litter box trained. This makes for a much smoother and easier potty training process. It also helps on those nasty stormy days when they just don’t want to go outside…

Shedding: We recommend you use the shedding blade once or twice a week until you see shedding occur. At that time, increase the use of the shedding blade to several times a week until the shedding has ceased. It is a Game Changer!

Bathing: Try your best not to bathe more often than once a month if possible. Too many baths can strip the natural oils from the skin and cause dry, itchy skin. Find a high quality oatmeal shampoo and let it sit after you lather for a few minutes. this will help with soothing dry, irritated skin.

Stay tuned for more useful and helpful hints and tips from us at SHFA!