Puppy Packages

Please be assured that your puppy will come socialized by myself, my fiancé, and his son. Braxton loves to hold and cuddle each and every puppy on the place (and most of the adults, too). He also helps with the socialization and everyday chores. He has special needs, so this is excellent for him and the puppies thrive on it! Braxton has taken up where my brother left off. 

We genetically test all of our breeding stock to ensure we are offering you the best, healthiest puppies anywhere. We also test hips, elbows, patellas, and hearts through OFA specifications. 

Microchipping (with lifetime registration included and we do all the registration work for you) is available for an appropriate additional fee. 

Dogs here at Sandy Hill Farm are fed Royal Canin and we highly recommend that your puppy stay on this feed for at least the first year and hopefully for life. The puppies are introduced to cats and larger dogs to aid in the transition to your home environment. 

All puppies come litter-box trained to pine pellet bedding to aid in your housetraining efforts and each puppy comes with a small sample of this bedding, if needed, to get you started.

We include 24/7 customer support with every puppy. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a first time puppy owner, we are here for you! This isn’t just in the beginning, this is for life. We give you instructions and prepare you for your puppy, check on you quite frequently in the beginning to see how things are progressing and help with anything that might arise (like potty training). Our check-ins become less frequent afterwards but rest assured, you and your babies are always in our hearts. We thrive on puppy pictures, so please please, please bless us with cuteness! It’s been said multiple times that we prepare, equip, and help our puppy parents so much more than hospitals prepare women with brand new babies. 😉 We are very proud of this!

All of our puppies come with a one year Health guarantee. We provide you a healthy puppy and you confirm this with your veterinarian within 48 hours of picking up your puppy. The guarantee swings into full effect at that point and is maintained by feeding the NuVet vitamins as directed.

Your puppy comes with 30 days of free pet medical insurance through Trupanion. You would be responsible for the deductible and your percentage of the fees if you used this service, but your premium is free for the first month. That’s one less thing to worry about. 

All puppies come up-to-date on age appropriate vaccinations and deworming, which is noted in your vaccination / deworming record.

You will receive a folder of information including your puppy’s vaccination/deworming record, microchipping information, vitamin information, health insurance paperwork, a copy of your fully executed and signed contract, and several hints and tips to help you with your new baby.

All puppies receive a leash, harness, chew toys, stuffed squeaker toys, a blanket, homemade organic treats, a puppy folder, pine pellet bedding sample, if needed, and much more. All toys and blankets are placed close to the nursery area in our home where they are raised as they grow so they have that scent to remind them when they go home.

We prepare our puppy parents for success for a lifetime and we would love for you to join our family!