Once a deposit has been placed, you are then added to the waiting list for your particular requested type of puppy. When one of those puppies becomes available, you have the option to pick from those available, or to continue on to the next litter until you find the baby of your dreams. This deposit is fully refundable until you select your puppy. 😉❤️
For example, let’s say you want a medium sized toy blue merle female Australian Shepherd with blue eyes:
1. Coco has her litter but doesn’t have a blue merle female. You pass.
2. Cricket has her litter but the puppies aren’t the size you’re looking for. You pass again.
3. Rayleigh has just the right puppy for you… You make your pick and you’re done. You live happily ever after with the puppy of your dreams! 🤗❤️
If at any time you decide that another color, sex, size, etc puppy in any litter meets your needs, you may select that puppy as long as it has not already been spoken for by someone on that type of puppy waitlist.